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the ice man

This guy makes ice. He used to invent and pour drinks and make ice, now he just makes ice. The best ice in Tasmania, some may say the world. Ice matters.

adam's story

Adam came to Antarctic Ice with over 20 years of hospitality experience. The last decade of which was spent in search of perfection - The perfect cocktail, the perfect menu, the perfect back bar... the perfect ice! After this search led to an unhealthy obsession, some may say addiction, to clear ice, the natural progression was to double down and turn this obsession into a business. A business solely devoted to creating the best ice available and bringing that ice to the bars and people of Hobart (wanker!)

But seriously... With what some people consider the Rolls Royce of Clear Block Ice machines, access to arguably the world's cleanest drinking water and an unhealthy obsession with perfection and consistency in the process, there is little doubt that Antarctic Ice is some of the finest ice available on the planet.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's chat.

0437 742 224

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